Friday, 3 February 2012

Doctor Shoe

That is probably going to be one of the dorkier titles I use on this blog.... But look I've made Doctor Who shoes! This is my first time painting shoes and I'm pretty proud of the result. It also gave me the chance to use a Christmas present I was given which is a pattern pencil (at least that's what I call it) where you trace a design or something with tracing paper using the pencil and then iron it onto wood, fabric, etc. and it transfers the pattern or design onto the material! It was pretty exciting and that's how I got the Time Lord-y design on the front of the shoes. They started off completely white and I used acrylic and fabric paints and I still have yet to clean up the rubber edges and spray them with a sealer thing so, I'm not positive they're actually practical yet....
 Ta-Da! I've actually cleaned them up a bit since I took these photos but I'll put finished one's up soon.

I remembered to take progress shots this time! 
Here you can see the light blue of the ironed on pattern from the pattern pencil.
 This was my work space on the dining room table.
 This pattern is actually taken from the lid of my box set of Doctor Who series 1-4. I made a rubbing of the design and then traced it from the other side and then traced it again using a fresh sheet of tracing paper and the pattern pencil.
The backs before I put the TARDIS in. 
Here's the pattern from the front of the shoes. The one on the left is the rubbing from the Doctor Who DVD Box Set and the one in blue on the right is the pattern pencil copy. 

I decided it made sense to put Allon-y on the back of shoes plus it's just a fun quote and then Well.... is my most used Tennant-as-the-Doctor quote.  
 The seal of Rassilon on the tongue of the shoes.

The last thing I wanted to point out is that the shoe laces are on one side covered in sections of the same pattern on the front of the shoes and then the other side has "Police Public Call Box" on either end of the laces where they're tied. 

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