Thursday, 19 January 2012

All You Need Is Glove

Already, I am (slightly) going to veer away from what I've described my blog as.... Today, I got up to the highly interesting task of putting away clothes. Now, I'm someone who enjoys collecting clothing. Actually, I'm someone who enjoys collecting things. This matched with my love of crafting means that my room is filled with stuff. However, do not think I live in a super messy room where you can't find anything. On the contrary,  I pride myself on the fact that (at least some of the time) everything has a neat and tidy place where it belongs. This also means as my collection grows things get rearranged... a lot. I am almost never satisfied with the appearance of my room and I'm always running out of space. This brings us to today's mission: finding a place for all of my gloves during the summer. 
Here are just a sample of the different types I have.
This suitcase lives under my bed and I thought it would be the perfect place to store my gloves and other winter items during the summer! Now, I just needed to find a neat and tidy (and preferably pretty) way to store those gloves. 
Some of the gloves are quite old since they mostly belonged my great-grandmother so I wanted to protect them a bit too. I did a bit of searching online and, using some of the bags they were given to me in, came up with wrapping them in tissue paper and putting them into plastic bags. 

I decided to put labels on all of them so that I didn't have to unwrap them to find out which pair was which. The labels are courtesy of 


 I then put the pairs I wear the most into this tin...

...and all of them into the suitcase. I plan to put a few more winter items in with them like a muff that I'm making but I have to finish those first otherwise they'll never get finished.

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