Wednesday, 18 January 2012


Well, I'm just going to dive straight in to my first ever blog post!
The item that I'd like to show off first is what could be classified as "nerdy" although that word is used a bit too liberally now that being a "nerd" is "cool". Nonetheless, meanings and connotations of words change and we adapt. Anyway, this was a Christmas present for my friend who, like me, is a fan of Harry Potter. I chose blue and bronze because she got sorted into Ravenclaw on Pottermore and so I thought it would be fitting. Also the "K" is because her name starts with a "K". So, here is her Weasley Jumper...

Now, I apologies for the poor quality of the photo unfortunately I have nothing better than my iPhone camera... I should be getting a better camera in the next few months but for now bare with me.

She wore it to the Harry Potter Exhibition when we went to Sydney to see it. We're supposed to be doing a "finding" pose for those of you who know A Very Potter Musical (I know neither of us are Hufflepuff but it was better than just smiling)

This took me about three months on and off and I even did it the cheating way because I'm not the best knitter....yet. I bought a jumper and stitched the "K" on using a duplicate stitch and some embroidery floss I already had. It was my first embroidery project so there are a few mistakes...(I think it adds character though).

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