Friday, 20 January 2012


I'm being much more productive than I imagine I will be once Uni starts up again. 
Ah, well, I'll enjoy this while it lasts. Today, I finished my first sewn hat!

and the fact that I still have plenty of faux fur left over after making a muff and what ended up being more of a fur collar... Along with the faux fur I used a bit of what looked like white lining, a stiff almost denim like material which I don't know the name of, and some white tulle all of which were out of my "extra materials" collection (hence me not knowing exactly what they are). I measured the circumference of my head and added approximately two inches to work out the material length for the strip of the stiff material and the faux fur. I then used the circumference to find the diameter and thus the radius to make a circular piece of the stiff material and the white lining (which I used for the top of the hat).

I stitched it all together in a bit of a hap-hazardous way and then arranged the netting on top until I was satisfied. The netting is still a bit rough around the edges but I'll fix that later.

Just before finishing the hat mum and I went to our favourite op shop and I found this amazing hat for $5!

Unfortunately, my camera decided to warp the colour on the hat after a while and so it ended up looking much more orange than the actual hat is.... I love this hat though! It reminds me of a furry gumnut baby hat with the little button on the top. 

Basically, I cannot wait for winter when I will be decked out in lots of fake fur! 

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